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justice joslin bycraig mcdean


justice joslin bycraig mcdean





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The Walking Dead Game

Clementine’s House
Motor Inn

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The Vintage Typography Kit (99% off for 1 week).

This is the biggest bundle about vintage style that I have seen. If you’re constantly looking for the beautiful homesick vintage styles, this time you can stop for a while and check all the huge amount of resources including in this bundle. You can combine different elements and create infinite amount of results. Even if you’re not so sure about a creative combination you can just choose a badge template and change the text for your data. This huge bundle include:

  • 190 editable vector templates
  • Over 560 vector elements from 46 different sets
  • 200 vintage vector illustrations
  • 12 gorgeous hand-drawn fonts with their original vector files
  • 100 frames and borders
  • 50 hand-drawn vector ornaments
  • 54 premium seamless patterns
  • 11 vector alphabet sets
  • 73 super high-resolution textures
  • 188 Photoshop and vector brushes
  • 6 incredible Photoshop Actions

It’s stuffed with $4,035 worth of super premium resources, but it can be yours for $49!

Grab it here; http://bit.ly/vintagekit

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Ground Control Wallpaper July 2014 

Model Emma Champtaloup Photographer Rory Payne Stylist Verity ParkerHair Nao Kawakami Makeup Jenny Coombs

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064 by 日 子 on Flickr.




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Black and white | Instagram

-The paths within us-

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